Starting from the basics…

It’s crazy to me to think that I am actually following my dreams.  Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved home design and decor.  Although I am like Joanna Gaines, I too did not have professional schooling. It has been something that has come naturally to me.    We all have talents and things that we are passionate about and being able to be creative in this way is definitely mine.  I have helped so many throughout the years with their homes inside and out.  But now I get to put myself out there and help more than ever before.  Why you might ask?  Well for almost 25 years I have been a stay at home mom.  I am almost done raising all my kids.  I sound old right?  Well I have been married almost 26 years.  I got married 2 months shy of turning 19.  Super young I know.  But I wouldn’t have changed that decision in my life for the world!  As a stay at home mom that is where I really got to use my talents… I was home all day busy with the kids but I can tell you my brain never shut off trying to design and create a home I loved.  Of course as a young married couple extra money to spend on my home was scarce so I had to get creative and that’s where my passion grew.  Ok so going back to my point… why now?  Now I have the time and my passion for it is BUSTING AT SEAMS!  Let me explain…

I started my Instagram account about a year ago called shiplapaddict.  That was where I was finally able to share my talents.  We had decided to build a new custom home and I was desperately thinking of a way to share my experience and ideas and I knew doing an Instagram account was for me!  But to add a little bit of background, my husband was a home builder over 12 years ago and owned his own business with his cousin.  I had the opportunity to help pick all the colors and designs in the homes.  (They were building gorgeous spec homes.)  That was when I realized how much I loved it.  It truly opened my eyes to all the passion and creativity I had been building up inside of me. I thought to myself… I could get use to this.  But then the crash of 08′ happened and we had to move to Texas to start a new future for ourselves, which actually turned into a huge blessing but I’ll save that story for another time.  So going back to our new home we just built,  this wasn’t my first rodeo.  This was our 3rd home we have built in our married life together.  But this home was different in my eyes.  This home I was truly going to get creative and spread my wings so to speak.  So that’s where Shiplapaddict all began.  And let me just tell you it’s just the beginning!

So here we have it.. a little tiny glimpse of my background to how I became so in love with decor, design, colors, textures, symmetry, and absolute creativity!  So don’t let this blog post bore you to death… just wait… I’m just getting started!  I have so many wonderful things I want to share with you.  So stay tuned! I’m excited to invite you into my home so to speak and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to design and decor.  AND LET ME TELL YOU…


5 thoughts on “Starting from the basics…

  1. Congrats on the blog, love your home and design style. I’m so happy last year when we decided to custom build our own home I found you on Instagram. It was so inspiring to follow you along your process and my own. You gave me some great words of wisdom when I would second guess my own choices for own home and awesome opinions on my choices for lighting etc. I too have always had a love or passion for design. I did do some schooling and have worked in design since finishing school but I feel like the real design stuff is stuff we can’t be taught it’s something that just comes to each of us in our own creative ways. I wish you lots of fun with your blog. Love and light always,



  2. Love your instagram account! I read post where you had outdoor lights installed on your new home and I can’t find it. My Granddaughters best fried grooms your dogs. Would you mind sharing with me who did your lights? When we lived in Draper we had Brite Nights do ours. I want permanent lights installed on.our new home. Thank you so much!!!


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