How to Style Your Home Decor Tray!

Everyday styled tray.

Simple yet stylish look for your kitchen island.

I get this question so many times…”How do you know what to put on your tray to decorate it?”  First of all I had a tier tray on my kitchen island for a couple of years.  I actually got tired of it and really wanted a new and more simple look for my kitchen.  (this idea is great for any space as well, not just for your kitchen.) It was time for a fun refresh so I found this beautiful large wood tray from the Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection at Target.  Finding this new single large wood tray instead of my tier tray brought me such excitement!


Now that I have the single large tray ready for my base I am ready to add in some height.  I decided on 2 cake stands from the Hearth and Hand collection.  I love that they are white to help keep things neutral and that I can use it all year round.  After finding my main items let the real fun begin by shopping for some cute home decor to add to the tray!  When shopping for your tray just keep in mind that you may want to add some greenery of some sort and different heights and textures on the stands as well as on the tray to give it that even flow.  Don’t overcrowd it though, always remember that simplicity is key!


Easter/spring styled tray!

Adding a touch for a new season or holiday is easy!

Adding Holiday Decor to your tray


A fun thing to remember about having a tray is that switching it up for a new season or holiday can be so easy I promise!!!  As you can see I just added 3 different items to my tray for Easter.  Switching, adding, and moving things around on your tray till you like what you see can be challenging when you change it up so don’t over think it.  Stick to your base or what I like to call your foundation and add or take away new items when needed. I promise it’s easy and simple and you don’t need to change it up a lot. Just a few seasonal items can make a big difference.



Adding a pop of color!

Keep your tray fresh and fun by adding color!


Add color to your tray


Don’t let color scare you! Recently I added my cute little lemon sign to my tray from Krumpets Home Decor and took away the clock. I think it still looks stylish yet simple. I also love the pop of color. Don’t get me wrong I love neutrals but color is so fun too and very appealing to the eye. I think I might throw some real lemons on the tray as well the next time I go to the store.


All of my basic products I use for my tray are linked in my highlights on my instagram account under Shiplapaddict.  Also if you ever shop at Krumpets Home Decor you can always use my coupon code SHIPLAPADDICT for 10% OFF!!!!

So remember… styling your tray whether its a tier tray or a large simple tray like my mine can be easy and so fun!  I love the look do you?

  1. Melissa says:

    Such a beautiful job!

  2. Jana says:

    I love this tray. I copied it for my house.

  3. Katelyn says:

    So many good tips! I’m so excited for your blog!! Xo! Katelyn @littlefarmhouseontaylor

  4. Cathy Young says:

    I love this!! Lots of great styling ideas!

  5. Brynn says:

    Congratulations on your new adventure as a blogger. I’m sure this will be as successful as your other “voyages” – ok was trying to go off your logo and it may have turned a little corny!

    Always love to see how you style your tray. Some times just fun • easy to copy them for the month or take a few items that you use and let my right brain do some thinking of its own.

    Thanks for always sharing your talent • putting yourself out there.

  6. Jaime Wickwire says:

    Thank you for the tips & inspo!

  7. Danna says:

    I love the wood tray and white cake stands. Must get to Target! Thanks for the inspo!

  8. Lori says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love your style Bethany. Thank you for sharing your talents. 💗

  9. Linda says:

    When you posted this tray on Instagram I knew I had to have it! I went to Target and was so happy to find one. It’s been so fun to change it up each season and holiday! Thanks for the continued inspiration! 😊

    • Bethany says:

      Oh I am so glad!!!! This makes me so happy to hear that I even bring even a little bit of inspiration to someone. SO thank you so very much!!!

  10. Karen Mitani says:

    Congrats on you new blog, cant wait to read it all.

  11. Liz Ward says:

    Love this tray & how you style it! You have definitely inspired me to simplify my kitchen! Beautiful blog! ❤️

  12. Jen says:

    Bethany, I an so excited for you!! I have loved following you for the past couple of years! You provide such beauty, light and talent to inspire and guide! Congrats on your ever expanding ventures!

  13. Lindsey says:

    These are great decorating tips! I love how you added the cake stands…what a beautiful way to decorate the wooden tray! The different heights and textures really give this a gorgeous look!

  14. Charity Hawkins says:

    Bethany this is so fun! I love that you have started a blog! I love all your tips and especially your style! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!!😂

  15. Charity says:

    That was supposed to be a heart at the end of my comment, not a laughing emoji!!🤪

  16. Angie Thoreson says:

    Love this idea! So versatile!

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